Scatter your seed! The Harvest is Coming!

Jul 11, 2023

Those who watch the wind blow will never sow, and those who observe the clouds will never reap.
Scatter your seed in the morning, and in the evening don’t be idle because you don’t know which will succeed,
this one or that, or whether both will be equally good.
Ecclesiastes 11:4, 6

New Year – Same God

More verses that cut right through my bone and marrow. In January of 2018, I had a dream three nights in a row. I heard an audible voice say to me, “Awake! Don’t Settle!” I know in the Bible if Jesus said something more than once it was pretty important (“Verily, verily or Truly, truly I say to you”). I started writing this everywhere…even on my magnetic shopping list on the refrigerator. I had no idea what it meant, but I decided to just keep planting and the Lord would water what He wanted and sow and grow what He wanted. I see these verses telling us the same thing. Awake! Don’t wait until the conditions are just right, because you may miss that opportunity. Faith is walking it out, not just sitting around waiting for the Lord to move in our life.

I know you know what the “thing” is that He’s asking you to do. You may not reap the benefits of the planting and sowing yet, but Galatians 6:9 tells us, “Let’s not get tired of doing good, because in time we’ll have a harvest if we don’t give up. So then, let’s work for the good of all whenever we have an opportunity, and especially for those in the household of faith.” Awake! Don’t Settle Sisters! Solomon named Ecclesiastes 11, “Take risks; life is short.” You don’t want to be older with regrets of what the Lord is telling you to do today.

Remember what happens when you plant one watermelon? Inside a watermelon are hundreds of seeds, each with the potential to grow a watermelon plant which can produce several more watermelons each containing hundreds of seeds.

Start planting today and God will water and sow what He wants to grow. The harvest is coming!

It’s a new year, but He’s the Same God of Solomon and of you.


Have a blessed day!

 ❤️  Kadryn Lattig


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