The Lord Provides!

Jan 26, 2023

10 So it happened that as Aaron spoke to the whole congregation of Israel, they looked toward the wilderness, and behold,
the glory and brilliance of the Lord appeared in the cloud! 11 Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,
12 “I have heard the murmurings of the Israelites; speak to them, saying, ‘At twilight you shall eat meat, and in the morning you shall be filled with bread; and you shall know that I am the Lord your God.’”
Exodus 16:10-12 AMP


New Year – Same God
Once again, our amazing God provides! When creating this image today, I put it in bold letters (I needed it to become engraved on my own heart). In the Amplified version, the chapter titles for Exodus 16 are: The LORD Provides Manna, The LORD Provides Meat and The Sabbath Observed all in bold letters – we’re going to talk about the first two today. When something is written in bold letters, there’s a reason for that. The writer is putting heavier emphasis on the bold letters for the reader to see and take in certain words. Read these verses out loud and let’s think about what God just did for the Israelites in previous chapters. He brought them out of slavery in Egypt, He parted the Red Sea for them to safely walk through it, He walked before them and gave them a cloud by day and fire by night to guide them and the list goes on and on. Then the Lord hears the murmuring of the Israelites and behold, the glory and brilliance of the Lord appeared in the cloud! Another sign that He’s never left them. He hears them and provides for them manna and meat. He hears you beloved! The Lord will provide! Think over your life of how many times He has heard you and provided for you. Praise Him because He is your Jehovah Jirah (Jehovah Jirah means “The LORD Will Provide”). See, take in these verses and engrave them on your heart like I am. It’s a new year, but He is the same God of Aaron, Moses, the Israelites and of you.


Have a blessed day!

 ❤️  Kadryn Lattig


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