The Lord was with Isaac

Jan 11, 2023

They replied, “We can plainly see that the Lord is with you.
So we want to enter into a sworn treaty with you. Let’s make a covenant.
Genesis 26:28 NLT

What a powerful statement King Abimelech, his adviser and army commander said about Isaac. They replied, “We can plainly see that the Lord is with you…” Hmm, made me think is that something someone would say about me? How about you? Do our lives reflect that the Lord is with us? Do people see that the Lord comes first in our lives and we’re obedient to Him? Do people see that when He speaks to us we listen….even if it doesn’t make sense? Do the words we speak reflect that the Lord is with us and we’ve been with Him? An earthly king wanted to make a covenant with Isaac because he saw that Isaac followed, listened and worshipped the King of Kings! The Heavenly King! We’re only ten days into this year. Think about your New Year’s resolution? Is it earthy minded or kingdom minded? Will it show people that you follow, listen and worship the King of Kings? The king of the Philistines said to Isaac, “We can plainly see that the Lord is with you.” Plainly see means something that is simple, visible, something that is true. I am asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to me if this is true in my life; I pray you do the same. It’s a New Year, but we have the same God who was with Isaac and is with us.


Have a blessed day!

 ❤️  Kadryn Lattig


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